" A series of practical and co-produced workshops delivered throughout one academic year that explore the subject of anxiety and depression to seek and find new and unfound approaches to Mental Wellbeing. These workshops support a whole school approach and are student / teacher led both as individuals and as a part of a collective group or community. This package also includes ideas for wider reach and parent involvement. This unique education and delivery is proudly led by the book and performance production; ‘I Had a Black Dog…his name was depression.’ "

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This educational package has been produced based on the book ‘I Had a Black Dog…his name was depression…’ by Matthew Johnstone – which in on the NHS clinical reading list. It has been researched and developed with the NHS Recovery College Cambridge and Peterborough (service users and service providers), but is NOT a clinical workshop. It was delivered in a pilot delivery at Hampton College, Peterborough. where there were...



" Has this workshop been helpful in offering you some good ideas that will help you in the way you approach your Mental Health and maintain a positive Mental Wellbeing? "

...said " YES the ideas

were very helpful! "

... begins by using the book and production ‘I Had a Black Dog…his name was depression’ as a starting point for provocation and a unified reference that will open the door for practical and discussion led sharing and learning.

Audience – Teachers, support staff and parents

Small Nose supported by Arts Council England made the play back in 2016. The production is an hour long and is suitable for an audience aged 12 years old and upward. The play is based on the book and follows the life of the central character Joe, who struggles with life once The Black Dog becomes a part of it.  A life affirming story of hope and resilience.

Matthew Johnstone / Little Brown


This work has been supported by Mr. Johnstone (author of the book), The Black Dog Tribe Mental Health Organisation (Australia), publishers Pan Macmillan (Australia) and Little Brown (UK).  Little Brown has supplied this project with over 200 copies of the book.

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