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We are really excited to announce our new project "Food?" 


We are working in association with Action Against Hunger on a new show that we hope will generate curiosity in how we all interact and think about Food – from needing to produce food, wanting to eat food and wasting food.

We hope to produce a touring show that will use the ingredients of Commedia dell'arte, Clown and Play, to slowly simmer and then boil over into a lively, fun and educational meal for us all to digest.

To get us going Action Against Hunger have given us loads of things to read and digest from their website at the end of the year we will then be doing some research and develop workshops led by the brilliant Aitor Basauri.


Following this, we will then cultivate our ideas, germinate and then harvest a show - package it and then, working with Action Against Hunger book dinner dates at schools, festivals and theatres – where we all stuff ourselves with the idea of Food?

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