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" We are really happy to say that Philippe Gaulier is coming back! "

This is the fifth year we have produced our Philippe Gaulier Workshops hosted at Trestle Theatre Arts Base – and this is certainly the year when we need the laugher, the joy, the idiots, and of course…Philippe’s beautiful feedback (I for one can’t wait to hear what he has to day this year!).

We had planned for a workshop in July 2020, but we have now moved this workshop date
4th – 10th January 2021.


This year’s workshop will be Bouffon – it’s the world of The Joker, Borat, the perfect opportunity to make a ridiculous costume and to interact with your audience – and laugh at them!


Philippe will be teaching Bouffons next year. The workshop will take place at:


Trestle Arts Base, Russet Dr, St Albans, AL4 0JQ 


...and will run over seven days from: 


4th – 10th January 2021

Bouffon is an extension of Clown, as Philippe explains:

" In the Bouffon workshop, we learn to be a big person who enjoys being Small, with a special additional pleasure enjoyed by those people: the blasphemy. "

In the workshop Philippe will work with you, in his totally unique teaching style, developing group work, play, presenting to the audience and allowing you to develop your own Bouffon.


Some experience in Clown and Le Jeu are useful for this workshop.

The fee for the seven days is:



Your place on the workshop is secured by a deposit of:



Please download this form which has all the details for the workshop:

and then email it to:

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" Thanks for finding this page and we hope to see you in July! "


- Jason & Mark

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