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Mark and I formed Small Nose Productions in 2013 – at the time we did it to bring together several different strands:


The work Mark had started with his old theatre company

The fact that we (Mark and I) had developed several projects together including our first show 'Aesop's Fables'

A collective enjoyment in taking part in Clowning exercises


...and an absolute belief in this idea put forward by the wonderful, creative and inspirational
John Wright:

" If work is playful it becomes pleasurable, and when you’re enjoying yourself you get bolder and take more risks. Choices proliferate. Problems become more manageable because our perspectives change once the work becomes a pleasure "


(John Wright; Why is that So Funny? 2006) The Wright School

Small Nose Productions Ltd is a move from a partnership to something a bit more grown-up.
Take a look… 
Aesop’s Fables trailer.

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